Building on the company’s global reach, Dalian Group has become a leading trader in bulk materials through off-takes, purchases, and marketing arrangements with producers worldwide. Our commercial supply and marketing expertise is complemented by our ability to provide our partners with access to pre-financing solutions across all deal types. Dalian Group established risk management capabilities further ensure timely and creative solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

As Dalian Group has expanded globally, we have also broadened our trading portfolio into new commodities. Building on Dalian Group origins trading premium palm oil, we began trading in Refined, Bleached & Deodorised Palm Oil products, including RBD Palm Oil CP6, RBD Palm Oil CP8, and RBD Palm Oil CP10. Dalian Group then further expanded into other commodities, including milk powder, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and bakery products. Dalian Group proven trading model and relationships in the finance sector have enabled our continued and successful expansion.

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